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Disney Trip-A list of items we bought to take on our trip

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

This won't be all ADHD or SPD related, although some of the items are necessary for my SPD kiddo and others for my sanity, but completely about traveling to Disney...the 30 things we think you need and shouldn't go without!


*This post contains links to actual items we will be using in Disney, when I could make them available. All items can be found in Amazon. I receive nothing from you purchasing from these links.


The very first thing you need to do...start a list on Amazon. Create a list and name it something with Disney so you can easily save any, or all, of the items below.

The list will allow you to start planning and researching what you want versus what you need for your magical trip! I have a great list below of things we found we needed and things we just thought would be nice to have. You decide...but start a "Disney List" today! I noted whether we purchased the items. I will update and create another post after our Disney trip to give you a review of these products, how we used them, and whether I would purchase them again.

Here is everything on my list (more details to follow in a separate post with a complete review on each item and what we used it for, if it isn't obvious):

1. Ear Plugs-I had several on my list, bought one set that wouldn't work (perfect for adults...very soft and if they had fit Elijah's ears, I would have stuck with these, but they were too big) and finally found a set that would work. These were for Elijah to use while watching the fireworks, on the roller coasters (some of them can be loud), and any other time he was overwhelmed with the noise. I am opting to also take his headphones, but those can't be worn on a ride and aren't as portable, so they may end up staying in the hotel.

2. Disney lanyards for pin trading (find cool ones your kids love) are the two I ordered for my boys... Star Wars and Black Panther

3. Disney trading pins (I searched Amazon and didn't find the reviews to be promising, but I'm taking a chance with this set. I'll let you know what I think later.)

5. Backpack (this one folds up compactly for easy packing, especially if you are flying)

6. Dual-Port USB Car Charger (when you have two kids with multiple devices, this is necessary, if you are driving there)

7. Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes (all the messes that can ensue, I want to be prepared)

8. UV Neon Face & Body Paint Glow Kit (we opted not to do this, but so cool for Pandora at night...please let me know if you do this.)

9. Mosquito Repellent These are travel wipes and will be perfect for each of us to apply without a spray and inhaling that, or spraying those around us by accident.

10. Bitbelts (essential if you have the Magic Bands)

11. Wet Brush I have long hair, so after water rides, or those famous FL afternoon downpours, I will need a brush to tackle the wet hair.

12. Wide Brim Sun Hat I've already received this hat, wore it outside while the kids were playing and love it!

13. RFID Neck wallet Perfect to protect your phone and other goodies all day long, but especially on the rides.

14. Water Bottles (take your favorite reusable ones--we are using this one because it has a lock, pop up drinking spout--no germs on the drink that way, and the handle has a clip so you can unlock it to attach to bags or the clip below #28 in this list)

15. Dramamine I get severe motion sickness, so this is a must have!

16. Travel Toilet Tissue How often have you stopped at a rest stop or used a restroom in a park and there's no toilet paper. Annoying, to say the least.

17. Meds-Travel Pain Reliever & Children's Tylenol; Pepto Bismol travel (nobody wants their vacation ruined with any of this); Immodium AD (I swear by this stuff when I travel.)

19. Anti-Chafe Balm I bought two of to keep with us and one to keep at the hotel. Nothing worse than getting chafed after a water uncomfortable and hard to walk around the rest of the day.

20. Hand Sanitizer (travel size)

21. Autograph Book (the one we chose to take with us--takes a while to ship, so order early & don't forget to take a marker/pen for them to use to sign with)

22. Moleskin Plus Padding Roll Just in case we get blisters from our shoes on our heels or on the bottoms of our feet.

23. Sunscreen Face Stick I need this to avoid the sunburn I will inevitably end up with.

24. Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Mini Cooling Towels- 4 pack or 2 pack

25. 5-Port USB Wall Charger and Portable Charger (while in the park, your phone is essential and you'll need to keep it charged)

26. Ponchos Perfect for those afternoon pop-up showers, or for water rides!

27. Pop-Up Mesh Hampers (I read a great tip for this and plan to give it a try. I'm going to set these up in the room. We'll throw our dirty clothes in and when it is time to leave, our suitcases will be filled with souvenirs instead of dirty clothes. These will go right in the back of the car and when we arrive home, the laundry will be sorted, so we can throw it in the wash as soon as we walk in the door.)

28. Carabiner Clip with Water bottle holder-should work perfectly with our Contigo Water bottles (#14)

29. Wifi for Car (a must for keeping the kids busy if you are driving like us-we got it through OnStar in our car.)

30. Good shoes (I'm still on the hunt for this for me personally because of my feet problems.)


I hope this list helps you plan your vacation. I'll update with a post on our hand-made shirts and how these items worked out for us in the park. Stay tuned!

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What a great list... you’ve got everything covered and so organized! Thank you for sharing these tips, will definitely be following.

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