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We’ve Got This!

Let’s talk about how great high school is going for just a minute, with the risk of jinxing it. This kid right here was band member of the week, week 2! As a freshman this was huge for him! To hear that his peers nominated him and the great things they had to say about him. Oh it touched my heart.

When I watch him perform, it is like magic. He is in his element. The talent he shows on the field and the friends he has made are amazing things I know he’ll remember forever. I think about all the struggles through elementary school and the battles I fought for him. And I look at him now, standing tall on the field becoming the man I knew he would be. It swells my heart.

And that smile. Oh it is radiating daily. He seems so happy and seems to be enjoying high school so far. He’s keeping up with his school work, and excelling. He’s keeping up with the many hats he wears in band. And wearing them well. The middle school years are behind us and I can’t help but think we have a few good years ahead. I’m sure there will be bumps in the road that will slow us down or steer us off course, but the way he’s handling himself right now tells me we’ve got this! He‘s got this! For the first time ever, he has started advocating for himself and speaking up for what he needs. We might just survive high school. Do I dare say that?

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